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Electronic archiving system

Is a system that all archiving functionality in one easy, integrated, customizable, commensurate with the activities of any institution or organization, which leads to the formation of archive to a reliable and strong resolve all the problems Archive manual as well as the problems some programs of electronic archiving is available in the market which are rigid and complex.

Advantages of electronic archiving system
1 - classification and sorting of documents in an easy, flexible and automatic.
2 - Quick and direct access to any document of any kind at any time.
3 - share documents between users.
4 - to protect documents from loss and damage.
5 - Provide costs incurred in the archive by hand.
6 - Managing the life of the documents automatically.
7 - Search for any document in multiple ways.
8 - the possibility of converting the content of these documents into an integrated database so that you can search the contents of these documents.

Technical features enjoyed by the electronic archiving system
1 - Using the latest Oracle 10g databases
2 - a multidisciplinary, multilingual and users
3 - multiple layers of authority (the program - Monitors - reports)
4 - multiple layers of protection and control
5 - The user interface includes various processes according to the authorities and with high flexibility and the possibility of customization of the fields the phenomenon by the user and the possibility of adding new fields
6 - high flexibility in the management of the system through the work of backup and data retrieval and archiving historical data.

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