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Design and development software

Design and develop programs of Business Administration Computer

Software design or development programs are run through the computer, is the road that leads to business technology and this means the ability to work through the computers for the benefit of your business and your on your own, and what is happening now is the completion of the work through a lot of papers and files and a lot of working groups and a lot of effort and a lot of time and a lot of money ... Etc., and in spite of this, the you have a lot of errors resulting from human nature - and therefore the management programs of the various operations office is the best solution for success in obtaining the best results in minutes.
The company Tigris Systems with its experts in the software industry will give you the quality that is the centerpiece of the development and the software industry through the progress of work and monitor an ongoing basis, you will see and ensure that all standards and agreed procedures are followed and will find that the problems have been dealt with actually from the perspective of a professional and with great skill, Inc. Tigris Systems interested in completely out tests and examinations to accommodate the system used and adapted his performance in its functions entrusted to him Mgarat scientific to be of the actual results, for example, that we have a user name (a) works on a program called (b ) works on the front of No. 1 using the computer its own call this step No. 2 and the process number 3 if has to be of a result of No. 4), so the conditional sentences must be Containing the terms of the provisions of natural and unnatural within the same system, so the test intentionally directing actions to error when comparing the results must be what is needed to be finalized or when it is Malaijb to be and this is the discovery.
Company Tigris Systems is working on programming coding or codes are good and this is what does the work, which is a Aiqid, and can be read and accept the revision, there are some companies operating under the so-called Bank of codes where the codes fixed and this is required Almturien their use, but this does not necessarily mean that everyone goes In this way, every company has different ideas about what is best or what is more or less of the Rules, as there are a lot of theories and models is that it should be borne in mind that excessive use of standards and regulations limit the ability to be creative in many ways (such as Review Almgaranat) and also (check the quality of the lists) This analysis tools codec used.
And the use of programs such as CNN, and CNN Sharp, and dot-Net, Visual Passaic, and Visual Studio, C + +, we will find Following are some stereotypes that are used by many companies to consider in setting rules and standards which may apply or not apply, in accordance with each case separately:
Rate of elimination or reduction in the use of global variables.
Use of the description and the names of function - the use of Monday the top and bottom of the case, avoid abbreviations, use the largest number of characters needed to be adequate to describe (the use of more than 20 characters is not out of the border) and must be consistent with this norm.
Use of variable names and attributes - the use of Monday the top and bottom of the case, avoid abbreviations, use the largest number of characters needed to be Movip to describe (the use of more than 20 characters is not out of the border) and must be consistent with this norm.
Size of the function or method should be the least that can be When the number of lines of code less than a hundred line it is fine, but when it is less than fifty-line, it is excellent.
Job specifications must be clear and can be spelled out in the Code of Foreign Affairs before the code.
The organization of writing codes for easy reading.
The use of selected steps and clear generously and generally vertically and horizontally.
Each line of code has to be to contain 70 characters at most.
Each line of code and a statement by one.
Coding style should be consistent with the thought of the program such as the use of braces and the use of blanks, and naming purposes ... Etc..
When you add comments it is wrong to use a lot of comments and is better to have a few comments, and the common rule in the comments is inevitable and there is the least we can be of many lines of comments and this includes the heads of the lists as lines of codes.
Ie what was the small size of the program, the lists must contain documentation of each function is programmed to follow (a few paragraphs would be better than nothing) and the best that there be a detailed map of the program with complete documentation for it.
Allow the widespread use of error-handling procedures, condition and Aljul wrong for the program.
To use C + + access to a minimum of complications and increase the possibilities of reform, to avoid the large number of levels in personality resulting from the level of the hierarchy (given the size and complexity of the application), limit the use of sequence non-hierarchical and worker overload (note that the programming language Java more limit the use of hierarchical sequence and increase the load factor).
To use C + + must be maintained on a layer thumbnail methods, and the best case is that the less than fifty lines of code for each layer.
To use C + + to be the use of traditional forms of exception handlers.
Thus we find that there are multiple rules are binding and non-binding, and this is what makes each company a different view, although there was general rules for unkept them, but remains the potential for creativity and development and to provide what could be "Jarrod in the languages of software," and this is what you will find the team Connoisseur Tigris Systems Company, which invites you to to click here to send us some information in which we can start implementing the needs of your business and you can also click here to send us your questions and you will receive answers that help you make the decision to start programming your profile.

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