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Logo Design

Logo Design

Recommends Degla Systems Advertising, which cost the designer wishes to design the logo or the following: 

1 - simplicity in the selection of shapes and colors and would prefer if the logo is composed of two colors, colors, whether flat or progressive retinal 

2 - a distinctive form of easy to remember, this is the most important factor for the success of the logo for any organization should make it easier for the client to remember and thus contribute to the success of the organization and lays the viewer the impression of the importance of the institution or the author of the logo 

3 - wasting a lot of time to see the various slogans and ensure that the logo that we designed and individually distinctive and is similar with any of the models that we have to look at it 

4 - successful logos belong in the schools of art to school abstract so that any slogan must not be expressed as far as devoid of nature for example, when we pass people we do not draw a person in detail, but the line and on his head the Department of example, and we can use the Balchukal engineering after twisting and composition to reflect an idea or link between abstract shapes and special characters in the name of the institution to be so as to call it Joe or slogan literally depends largely on the manipulation of the letters of the alphabet to create a distinctive form of 


The above factors from our sponsor for the success of a logo abstract simplicity of design and colors and distinctive Oalchukl unrefined yet found on many of the ideas 

But we should think about the recipient to watch the design when the designer selected must perform these steps also to complement the process of selling his idea 

5 - despite the fact that the logo successful is not necessary to have a meaning as it has the beauty and simplicity and ease of remembrance such as a logo Mercedes for example, or Pepsi do not have a meaning only that the client Arab would rather be a slogan his institution reflects Nctaha shall be here the role of the designer that meets the demands of the client, but simply to see him in the design and colors and have a strong meaning or activity is linked to trends in the client or the company before you start to design the logo are advised to read the full activity of the institution and write in the paper the most important elements associated with the activity that we can strip it for use in the design. 

6 - We must be the style of the logo shown an innovative and stylish, both offer a mobile or printed on paper, values, and allocates a page design displays each theme separately and allocates part of this design to explain the elements of design, purpose and analysis of the language the colors of the logo and provide more of an idea so that the client check that no more than five ideas so do not confuse the client's selection, so you can devote your full energy you may have designed their logo is not on the entire Qnaatk Viicom customer choice and calculate the future you design. 

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