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tenders service

Tenders Service

The company Tigris Systems, to provide services and information related to this area and are as follows:
Tenders Service
notify the client company in all tenders and practices that are advertised in the official newspapers and in a manner
Periodic, constant rate of three times a week on Sundays, Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

alert the client to the companies and organizations that have announced open registration in the records of suppliers and contractors to have.
noted for exhibitions, conferences and seminars to be held in each area of activity according to his interest.
mention all the important news concerning the area of client activity.
alert the client to appointments for meetings that will be the resolution of Mazarifaa, exhibitions, conferences and seminars
During the next week (Table ALARM) and tenders that have been canceled or postponed even says it to complement the
All data and booking the appointment to them.
semi-annual statistical study gives a true picture of the client the form of market movement in the area of activity Vetodh
A number of tenders that have been announced and the most important bodies, which has launched the tender (according to the weight of each
Body) and the most important requirements of the market (according to the quality of Tenders) and seasons of work or stagnation during the year.
All these data are prepared by specialists in the form of tables and graphs with some of the indicators
The views and in which we can draw a map of the form of market determined on the basis of a marketing plan for the company.
(This service is a private medical sectors, the computer only)

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